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Goals for a happy, healthy life

Most New Year’s resolutions fizzle out by mid-February so instead consider setting some achievable goals that really can improve your health and quality of life.

Move More

Moving your body is the key to healthy ageing. Any activity is beneficial. If you can no longer manage long walks, try shorter walks. Gardening and household cleaning can be great for balance and strength. Or join a seniors’ exercise class and enjoy the social benefits too!

Stay Connected

Having an active social life makes you happier, healthier and may help you live longer. Make time to talk regularly with your friends and family. If it’s difficult for you to visit them, ask them to visit you. Ask a younger person to teach you how to use technology to keep in touch. Come along to social group outings, try a new hobby or join a book club – anything that helps you feel connected to the world.

Eat Well

Healthy eating is important for your overall health and can help manage some health conditions like diabetes. If you’re not able to shop or cook, our carers can help you with shopping and meal preparation, or we can deliver delicious meals directly to your door.

Don’t Forget Your Brain

Exercise your brain with puzzles, crosswords and sudoku. Learn how to play chess or join a card games group. Staying mentally active helps keep your brain healthy.

Visit the Doctor

Regular visits with your doctor give you the chance to monitor any chronic conditions and to tell your doctor about any new problems you’re experiencing. Regular appointments with your dentist and optometrist are important too.


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