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Client Profile - Bilha Smith

Bilha Smith has forged her own path through life following her heart and feeding her soul through a very long list of adventurous choices. Born in British Palestine in 1942, Bilha has been a beekeeper, soldier, Israeli folk dance instructor, companion to an English countess, an entomologist’s assistant, textile teacher, performance artist, actor, dancer, poet and sculptor (amongst other things).

Bilha grew up on an Israeli kibbutz, travelled to Europe and the UK before following a young man to Papua New Guinea on a one way ticket. Unfortunately, the young man already had a girlfriend and Bilha was left with no way to get home and a determination to make it work in PNG. She fell in love with the country, the music, dancing and beautiful sense of community and stayed in PNG for 12 years, meeting and marrying her husband Stuart and having their son.

The family travelled around Australia before landing at the CSIRO research station in Kununurra, and eventually moving to Darwin where they lived for 32 years. Bilha happily immersed herself in the Top End arts community becoming well known as a poet, dancer, sculptor and performance artist.

Bilha and Stuart moved to south east Queensland 6 years ago to be closer to their son and chose Landsborough due to the sense of community. Bilha practices yoga every week and is enjoying pottery, and is always looking for outlets for her creativity, particularly in the performing arts where she is happiest.

Bilha Smith seems bemused that her life has been featured on several radio programs and in magazines. She doesn’t see herself as particularly successful – but she has succeeded in the best way of all – a life well lived.


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