COVID-19 Update

Please be advised that due to the continuation of government restrictions, our social group activities have been suspended until Monday 26 July 2021. Affected clients will be notified.

We apologise for the disruption and thank you all for your ongoing support and cooperation.

For full details of restrictions across Queensland, go to

If you (or your close contacts) have travelled to any of the

known hotspots on the dates and times listed at, please let our office know and follow the instructions to get tested and quarantine at home immediately until you receive a negative result.

Check in Qld App heading 2.png

Everyone entering a building on the Glasshouse

Country Care premises at 352 Peachester Road

Beerwah, including workers, clients and contractors,

must check in using the Check In Qld app.


If you do not have a smartphone, or cannot access the app, please advise our Admin staff who will assist you to check in.


Day Centre clients who are not able to check in themselves will be checked in by the Day Centre team.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Check In Qld app can be downloaded at

Open the app when you next visit us,

select 'Check In Now' and

hover your smartphone over our QR code.