Can you provide services in my area?

If you would like to see if Glasshouse Country Care can provide services in your area please call one of our friendly staff on (07) 5494 6948 who will be able to advise the best options for you.

I am a carer and I need respite

If you are a carer and need to be away from your loved one, Glasshouse Country Care can provide the support you need. Respite services can be tailored to suit your needs and this can either be a planned or a regular service to meet your needs. Having this service available for you often means you can continue caring for your loved one for longer.

I have a Home Care Package, can I use Glasshouse Country Care services?

Yes, Glasshouse Country Care can be your service provider if you have been allocated a Home Care Package and live in our service area. We will work with you to identify a total package of care and services to meet your needs so you can continue to live an active and independent life. If you are an existing customer of Glasshouse Country Care, you are familiar with of our level of commitment. A phone call to our Clinical Program Manager on (07) 54946948 will inform you of the complete package of services we can provide.

What are the costs involved in getting services?

Glasshouse Country Care services are subsidised by both the federal and state governments and require a small client contribution towards all care.

Glasshouse Country Care Fees Policy Principles address the issues of access, equity, affordability, user rights and privacy to ensure that fees generated by the community care program are used efficiently and for the benefit of our care recipients.

Fees charged for all support services provided are discussed with the client prior to service commencement.