Tips For Decision Making

By March 19, 2015 Health Tips No Comments

Everyone’s needs are unique and no one person ages or deals with their reducing independence in the same way.

Here are 6 tips to help you with decision making for the right aged care or disability services.

1. Living situations, responsibilities and belief systems vary greatly and what works for one family

may not be ideal for the next.

2. Identifying the right time for community care is the first step.

3. When and what type of care (residential, respite or at home) involves rational decision making and

depends on the individual lifestyle aspirations of the care-recipient. Financial considerations must

also be considered.

4. Informed decision making that involves the person who requires care and family and friends is the

key to making the right decision.

5. Glasshouse Country Care can provide all the information needed to make the best possible care decision for yourself or your loved-one.

6. Don’t rush the decision making process. Take the time to consider all options and ensure that

everyone involved is confident in the decision made.