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October 2018

Beerwah Engineering and Sheet Metal

Some jobs are just jobs. Some jobs mean so much more.

Recently we were approached by a regular customer Glasshouse Country Care. These guys provide care and support for the elderly in our local area. They had a client who lives at home with her husband who has dementia and is wheelchair bound, her husband is her primary carer. He needed to be able to get his beautiful wife from inside to out and into the car. Mark & Stu had a site meeting to discuss these clients’ needs. Stu came back designed a stand went back to site to be sure that this design would work… Yesterday was fit day or as Stu calls it a great day… The gentleman came out as the boys finished fitting and said this is truly the Bees Knees, Thank You so much… Stu said there was no thanks needed. Thanks enough was the realisation we had in fact given this man and his beautiful wife just a little freedom back to live comfortably and independently. #thesejobsarethebestjobs# loveourcustomers

October 2018

From Ann Freebairn

I had to write about the devastating storm damage that we at Glasshouse Mountains recently suffered. I have never experienced anything like it…

At daylight we all faced the sight of devastating damage. I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the clean-up here at Barrs Road, particularly the help extended to me by Glasshouse Country Care in the seven or so ute loads of debris that were removed from the property over the following two days. They were on the scene quickly and worked non-stop, even down to rethreading my washing line. As with everyone who had extreme damage, it will take us a while to forget this one.

Ann Freebairn, Barrs Road, Glass House Mountains

1st January 2018

From Tadek & Anne Stankiewicz

Glasshouse Country Care – Due to my husbands ill health we are moving to Gympie to be close to family, being seniors Glass House Country Care have looked after us for many years. Recently my husband had a mini stroke and our whole world seemed to come to a halt. I couldn’t see us being able to cope, I rang Wendy the clinical program manager and she soon took control of our situation. We received extra help with showering, beds moved, transport, house cleaning etc. nothing was to much trouble. Thankyou so much to Wendy and all those wonderful men & women employed at Glasshouse Country Care. We won’t ever forget what you did for us. Kind Regards Tadek & Anne Stankiewicz

15th December 2017

From Glasshouse Christian College – Donation of $50 Thank you so much for your unexpected and kind donation to our College as a response to our students’ visit last term. Our students love visits like this and are very grateful to you for giving them this opportunity. We believe it is valuable for students to share their gifts and talents at a young age and we encourage these values to last them a lifetime. We hope your staff and clients have an enjoyable and restful Christmas and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you in 2018. Yours sincerely Mike Curtis Principal