Home Care Package Pricing Schedule

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Glasshouse Country Care Pricing Schedule

Effective from July 2019

Information about Service Delivery and Pricing

Create your Home Care Package with Glasshouse Country Care to best support your needs and goals by working in partnership with us. Being partners is an important part of the process, and our dedicated Case Managers will help you to get the most out of the care and services available to you.
We will aim to support you to be as independent as possible and work within a framework of wellness and re-ablement.
The range and level of services you receive under your home care package depends on your assessed care needs and the funds available under your Home Care Package.

New Standardised Home Care Pricing Schedule

To improve transparency for senior Australians, all home care providers must publish their pricing information in a new standardised pricing comparability Schedule on the My Aged Care Service Finder so you can compare and get the best value for money for your services.

Glasshouse Country Care does not charge a Basic Daily fee.

Approximate Home Care Package Amount Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Home care package funding Annual $8270.90 $15045.30 $33076.30 $50286.05
Per fortnight $317.24 $577.08 $1268.68 $1928.78
Basic Daily Fee (paid by you) Per fortnight $Nil $Nil $Nil $Nil

Care Management

Glasshouse Country Care’s approach to care management

In delivering care Glasshouse Country Care will ensure consumers are at the forefront in the decision making process empowering them to be in control of their lives by providing them with information in relation to service options.

We will work in a respectful and balanced partnership with individual clients encouraging them to identify their own goals, and help them to tailor packages to suit their own needs.   We will aim to support you to be as independent as possible and work within a framework of wellness and reablement.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Fully managed by provider Per fortnight $50.82 $89.32 $194.46 $294.84
Approx. no. hours per fortnight 1 1 2 4

A copy of this Schedule will be included within a client’s Home Care Agreement and Individualised Budget. This ensures the published price is a meaningful and accurate indication of the costs charged under a home care package with Glasshouse Country Care.

Price for Common Services How the provider delivers services Standard
Saturday Sunday Public
Personal care (Per hour) By our own staff $42.00 $45.00 $49.00 $65.00 $118.00
Personal care (Per hour) By other provider $56.00 $63.00 $74.00 $87.00 $128.00
(Per hour)
By our own staff $85.00 $100.00 $105.00 $120.00 $170.00
(Per hour)
By other provider $94.00 $105.00 $118.00 $131.00 $198.00
Cleaning & household tasks
(Per hour)
By our own staff $42.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cleaning & household tasks
(Per hour)
By other provider $56.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Light gardening
(Per hour)
By our own staff $60.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
In-home respite
(Per hour)
By our own staff $42.00 $45.00 $49.00 $65.00 $118.00
In-home respite
(Per hour)
By other provider $56.00 $63.00 $74.00 $87.00 $128.00
Other Charges Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Package management Per fortnight $16.94 $89.32 $194.46 $294.84
Maximum exit amount Max. Total $250.00
Staff travel costs for outings Per km $0.80
Separate charge when you want to receive services from a different provider ‘Yes’ See hourly rate in above table if service provided by another provider.
Full price list
URL http://www.ghcare.org.au/home-care-package-pricing-schedule/


Document Pricing Schedule for Glasshouse Country Care Home Care Packages 
Email admin@ghcare.org.au
Phone 07 5494 6948

Mandatory participation

These pricing changes apply to all home care providers. This is to ensure consistency across the sector and allow all senior Australians to benefit.

The Department will be actively monitoring provider’s compliance with these requirements. Compliance action may be taken, consistent with the Department’s compliance policy and procedures.