Glasshouse Country Care Maintenance Team helping out in the local community

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Beerwah Engineering and Sheet Metal – October 2018

Some jobs are just jobs. Some jobs mean so much more.

Recently we were approached by a regular customer Glasshouse Country Care. These guys provide care and support for the elderly in our local area. They had a client who lives at home with her husband who has dementia and is wheelchair bound, her husband is her primary carer. He needed to be able to get his beautiful wife from inside to out and into the car. Mark & Stu had a site meeting to discuss these clients’ needs. Stu came back designed a stand went back to site to be sure that this design would work… Yesterday was fit day or as Stu calls it a great day… The gentleman came out as the boys finished fitting and said this is truly the Bees Knees, Thank You so much… Stu said there was no thanks needed. Thanks enough was the realisation we had in fact given this man and his beautiful wife just a little freedom back to live comfortably and independently. #thesejobsarethebestjobs# loveourcustomers