Dealing with Loneliness

By December 20, 2015 Health Tips No Comments


Since gratitude is a key component to happiness and living a simple lifestyle, spend some time creating connections through gratitude.

Sitting still or being silent is often frowned upon and we are taught to always be busy, to be doing something. As a result, people often don’t deal with their feelings in healthy ways, especially when it comes to loneliness.
Rather than dealing with the cause of a feeling we distract ourselves by running out to the shop to buy something, turning on the TV, or drinking alcohol. It temporarily eases discomfort, but doesn’t deal with the underlying issue. Humans are social animals. We crave connection and companionship. It’s natural and important.


Write in a Journal

Writing is a powerful tool. It can help you identify many different types of feelings, including loneliness. If you’re feeling lonely, start writing. Get your emotions out on paper and start asking yourself how you can create a feeling of connection in your life.


Take photographs

Taking photos is a way to notice the details of life. Notice the little things, like the morning dew on flowers or a beautiful sunset.

Set-up a coffee or tea date with a friend

Getting together with new for old friends for coffee or dinner dates is a great way to connect with others and get out of the house.

Read a good book

Go to your library and pick up a good book. Reading is a great way to escape into another world or glean creative ideas for your latest project. Spending time in libraries and books stores is a frugal way to educate yourself, be inspired it’s a healthy way to use your time.