A Balanced Lifestyle

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If we are to be effective in the things we set out to do in life and in particular if you are embarking on a process of change, you need to be performing at your very best. To achieve this we must care for ourselves at all levels, ensuring that we receive the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual sustenance that we need and that as we expend our energies we allow ourselves time for renewal. Acts of self-care are acts of self-love and are essential to your wellbeing.

Do not skimp on this process; not only is it essential, it is one of the most enjoyable, worthwhile and fun aspects of life that we need to undertake, so don’t miss out on it!



Guard Your Boundaries

Your boundaries reflect what is or is not acceptable for you as an individual. They mark out the things that are important to you and how you expect to be treated by others. It is your responsibility to guard these boundaries carefully because they represent your authentic self and your life goals. You must be prepared to say “no” to requests or demands that cross those boundaries and demand treatment from others that is consistent with them.

Ask for Help

Life can be hectic and sometimes it seems that the only way forward is to do everything yourself! Learn to trust others, be open to assistance from others and ask for help. By doing so you demonstrate your trust and respect for that person and you give them an opportunity to demonstrate it back to you. By looking for and asking for help, you can enhance your relationships and reduce your “time stress”.

Have Fun

You know, inside each of us is a little child that just wants to play. On our journey to adulthood did we forget just how much fun playing is? If you have children or grandchildren play with them, play with your partner or your friends… Laugh and have fun.  True joy lies in these moments. The benefits to your health, your emotions and your whole physical wellbeing are truly enormous! If you find difficulty in achieving this, look for things that you love to do, look at things you’ve never dared to do and step out… go for it!

Express Yourself

Expressing yourself clearly and honestly is the key to maintaining good relations with others. Be warm and be kind, honest and where necessary firmly maintain your boundaries.


Always listen and be aware. Listen to your body, listen to your instincts and listen to others. By listening, we become aware and even if at times we don’t agree with what we hear, we have an opportunity to prevent misunderstanding or problems before they become less manageable. By listening we have the possibility of learning so much!

Be Kind

Always be kind. Even if you have to enforce one of your boundaries do so kindly. Once you start operating from a loving place of the heart, this will occur naturally.

Show Your Appreciation

When people help you, or show some kindness; remember to say thank-you. By showing your appreciation, you not only reinforce such kind behaviour, but your kind word will give them joy too! Give genuine compliments and share a smile!

Maintain Your Mental Health

Time to Relax

Take time to relax and unwind. Find something relaxing to do that you really enjoy and spoil yourself… you’re worth it! It doesn’t matter what it is, a bubble bath, a massage or just quietly reading a book, give yourself this important time. It is a gift to yourself and reinforces your own sense of self-worth. Have fun!

Take Quiet Time

Whenever things are getting on top of you or you are feeling stresses, find somewhere quiet away from all noise and where you feel safe, secure and will not be disturbed. This is your thinking time, time to evaluate and access what’s been going on. It is a great time to meditate. Very few of us take enough quiet time in our lives, often being too busy rushing around without taking the time to really consider where we are going or even if we really want to get there. Take quiet time for yourself.